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Ishtar is an illustrator,designer and crafter.

Its hard to find a definition of her work,because above all, she loves to create.

Designing,photographing,stamp carving,are all ways in which she expresses this.

Her work is a reflection of the things that she loves and is inspired by.

Kokeshis,cherry blossom flowers, children playing..all are part of her imaginarium;

where she tries to live by “Yokubari Na Mainici” “Finding happiness in small things”.

And what could be smaller than a stamp?

In the creation of stamps,Ishtar has found an infinite universe of possibilities and expression.estrella 1

It is in this area where her love for stamps and paper get together to create the style that best defines her.

She has taught craft workshops since 2011, and amongst all of them the stamp carving is the one that stands out.

Her workshops have been very popular and well known. With more than 2000 students attending.

They have stand out for being innovative,unique and personal.estrella 1

She collaborated with Hello Creatividad!  in 2013 teaching online workshops

She has collaborated with the american editorial Lark Books in the books “Stamp it”, “Make your Mark” and “Washi Wonderful”.

Her work has been published internationally in magazines such as Flow,Mollie Makes,Kireei, Artful Blogging.

Ishtar´s new book “I Love Stamping” is now available for ordering.estrella 1